The following has been said of the toad: A toad that eats an earthworm after a long period of hunger will also seize upon a matchstick, which bears a certain similarity in shape to the earthworm. One can conclude from this that the worm it just ate serves the toad as a search image, as represented in Figure 41. If, on the other hand, the toad satisfied its initial hunger with a spider, it possesses another search image, for it now snaps at a bit of moss or an ant, which does not agree with it.


Now, we do not by any means always search for a certain object with a unique perception image, but far more often for an object that corresponds to a certain effect image. We do not look around for one particular chair, but for any kind of seating, i.e., for a thing that can be connected with a certain function [Leistung] tone. In this case, one cannot speak of a search image but rather, a search tone.


- Jakob von Uexküll