Fill The Invisible


Venue: David Dale Gallery & Studios, Glasgow, UK

Date: 2010


Photography: Max Slaven & Darren Tesar


Exhibition Press Release can be found here


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Artworks (in no particular order)


Feeding on Glints

Sequins, fur, expanding foam, acrylic paint


The Thing

Expanding foam, inkjet print, polystyrene balls


Untitled Painting

Gesso and furniture wax on linen


Clash of the Titans (2010)

Movie banner


Archaic Torso

Artist's boxer shorts soaked in wax



Dried caterpillar infected with parasite (Cordyceps Unilateralus)*, twig, MDF


* Cordyceps Unilateralus is a parasite that enters into the host insect through its skin and takes over control of the host's brain. The infected insect develops an insatiable urge to climb to the highest point in their respective location to die. When dead, the parasite burrows out of the host's head via a hornlike growth and release a new spore.


Season 4, Episode 9: Breaking Out is Hard to Do

Watercolour on paper


Season 4, Episode 9: Breaking Out is Hard to Do captures a still frame from the "Family Guy" episode of the same name. In this scene, Peter Griffin rides Falkor the Luck Dragon into the ground.


Make your own Medusa

Altered Beetlejuice mask, rubber snakes, inkjet print, expanding foam, acrylic paint


Make your own Medusa was created by following a step by step instruction guide found on a prop building website. Thanks to Eric Hart for taking the time to post the instructions Online.